My Escaping Links

I would like to believe I am The One & Only explorer~pioneer~antecessor~hero of the modern traveling world, but I would be a swashbuckler of the largest known kind if I truly believed this! Some amazing people have paved the path before me, and I would like to give them much appreciated credit in their knowledge~trials~tribulations they have endured for the rest of us to gain from in their sharing. My favorite links in prepping me for Escaping My Comfort Zone …..

  Great Big Scary World ~ The Fairytale Traveler ~ The Wanderfull Traveler Toque & Canoe ~  I Believe dreams can come true ~ Beer & Beans ~ Travelettes ~ World Hum ~ Go Galavanting ~ TBEX ~ Hecktic Travels ~ Breath Dream Go ~ The Suitcase Stories ~ Gutsy Traveler ~ Time Travel Turtle ~ Bohemian Trails  ~ Passports with Purpose ~ Go Big or Go Home ~ Family on Bikes ~ LL World Tour ~ Otts World ~ We are Wilderness ~ Positive World Travel ~ Roadtreking ~ The Planet D ~ Legal Nomads ~ Velvet Escape ~ Solo Female Nomad ~ Hole in the Donut Travel ~ A Little Adrift ~ Vagabond Journey Travel ~ Finding The Universe ~ Escape Artist ~ Gadling ~ Bacon is Magic ~ Anywhere that is Wild ~ The Brightside of the Road ~ Nomadic Matt ~ Someday I’ll be There ~ Wandering Earl ~ 1 Dad, 1 Kid, 1 Crazy Adventure ~ Aspiring Backpacker ~ Jet Set Citizen ~Wanderlust and Lipstick ~ The Professional Hobo  ~ Jouney Woman ~ Girls Getaway ~ Solo Traveler

May all our paths meet!

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