I felt like a Tiny Speck Of Stardust under this Celestial Body …


     I stood in anticipation, waiting for the moon to crest the horizon. The Harvest Moon was forecasted to arrive this evening and I wanted to test my little cameras limits (my budget has limited me with a Nikon Coolpix L820 30x zoom). I chose a site to capture its arrival, Clover Point. It is a small point of land on the South tip of Vancouver Island that has the most unobstructed views to capture this moment.

The Harvest Moon took to the stage. I stood moon struck, gazing across the ocean to where this Celestial body rose on the horizon. It is hard to fathom that the moon lies more that 384,000 kilometers away, travelling over 3,600 kilometers per hour. These trivial details didn’t register as I stood testing my little camera past the atmosphere’s outer reaches. I felt like a tiny speck of stardust under this ethereal globe …….

A penny for your thoughts (sorry, no pennies in Canada now!)