I am definitely starting out of my Comfort Zone!

First post … test run, here we go:

Please have patience with me creating this site. As a computer expert (in 1982) I am fumbling around in the dark. Silly me, I will master my new attempt in becoming an expert at web design 2013 style! In the mean time … Let’s add a wow picture, just for fun …. 

That was painless! Thanks for checking out my 1st amazing post :) I’m certain you’re at the edge of your seats, drooling in anticipation for my future posts …. you poor souls!

Now where did I put those darn punch cards?

2 comments on “I am definitely starting out of my Comfort Zone!

  1. Ayngelina

    Looks great, if I can recommend wordpress to blog on it is what most bloggers use and really is quite easy.

  2. Escaping my comfort zone

    Thanks Ayngelina, yes wordpress is the way to go! Most bloggers I have encountered are using it. I hike better than I type so here’s to easy!

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