Countdown for hitting the road is on like donkey kong

My countdown to hitting the road is on like donkey kong (in the words of Uncle Si). 48 hours from now I will be hitting the road, then the water, then the road … the joys of living on an island.shirley-lighthouse Once the exit hurdle is complete, I truly will start “Throwing myself to the trade winds of midlife adventure. Traveling to unknown, hidden places. No plan … each crossroad decided with a flip of a coin!”

nitnat-lake2This adventure has been only a dream for so long, now the reality is just around the corner. ┬áI have arranged the necessary┬áitems into my truck, now known as Evergreen to Neverland (Thanks Randi for getting the most votes on your name my truck contest!) … spare tire, tarp, candles, etc. Final item I prayed fit. My bed, it fit perfect. I laid down on it yesterday after setting it up, looked at my sleeping companions (spare tire) and gave it a thumbs up! Yes, my home for now will be the bed of my truck.


I have many emails sent through my website here, wishing me safe travels. I thank you all for your sweet encouraging words.Some of you have called me brave, others have called me amazing, but as I prep the final details I truly believe I’m just crazy. Okay, back to work now kids …. getting ready for ghost hunting tonight!

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  1. ruth cartwright

    then i’ll drop a quarter on you, Velvet you have the best adventure that you can. and can’t wait for the updates, luv u and see you sometime in the future ;)

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